Paint / Finishing Division

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Responsibilities include prepping, priming, and painting a variety of manufactured steel components or equipment, truck bodies, frames, etc. in accordance with company and customer requirements.


  • Prepare and maintain paint booth equipment.
  • Mix paint and related additives to match specified color and consistency according to standard formulas, color charts or Company specifications.
  • Assemble or disassemble components, equipment or machinery as necessary with the use of hand or power tools to accommodate the painting requirement of each item.
  • Repair defects on surfaces with the use of hand tools, power tools, burning equipment or welding equipment prior to painting.
  • Correct painted surfaces as necessary by repairing nicks, scratches or other imperfections in the finish.
  • Regularly generate lists of needed stock or job specific paint items and inform purchasing department of necessities.
  • Install protective requirements such as liquid mask, tape, paper, or plastic for multi-tone paint work or the protection of existing surfaces during painting processes.
  • Use equipment, brush or spray guns to apply primer, paint, enamel, lacquer or other non-metallic protective and decorative coatings to various surfaces.
  • Apply or restore anti-corrosion treatments or undercoating.
  • Apply decals, transfers, stencils or other types of identification to vehicles or equipment.
  • Work in a safe manner following Company safety requirements which includes wearing personal protective equipment, completing maintenance requests and communicating potential hazards to co-workers and supervision.
  • Organize and perform work in a timely and productive manner at a pace that ensures the completion will be within the time-frame specified by the customer and agreed upon by the Company.
  • Maintain equipment and work area in a safe, clean and orderly fashion.
  • Pay close attention to detail working to achieve error-free performance.
  • Follow policies, procedures, work methods, directives and work rules established by Company management.


  • Physical exertion necessitating full and unrestricted use of all limbs, major muscle groups and body movements.
  • Ability to lift parts or material that weighs up to 50 pounds.
  • Sporadic outside work will expose the employee to adverse weather conditions which may require the ability to tolerate extremes in temperature and weather conditions.
  • Shop environment will expose the employee to dirt, dust, grease, chemicals, sparks and loud noises.
  • Working within close proximity of equipment, power tools and machinery will require normal vision and hearing accuracy or any deficiency correctable to within normal ranges.


Thorough knowledge of the standard practices, methods, tools and equipment of the painting trade; familiarization with the use of pressure pots; ability to properly use and maintain a respirator; ability to match paint colors; ability to mix, apply and/or spray various types of paints or chemical coatings to required specifications; ability to comprehend and execute verbal and written instructions; ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with associates; ability to think logically and work accurately; ability to prioritize, schedule and complete projects efficiently; and the ability to work with minimum supervision.  Employee may be required to perform the duties of a different classification.


  • High school diploma or equivalency
  • Associates Degree or equal from Vocational/Trade/Technical school preferred.
  • Thorough industry specific experience including knowledge of automotive / industrial painting practices and the use of related tools and equipment.
  • Possession of applicable personal hand, air and power tools.
  • Willingness to work overtime as required.
  • Forklift operation experience preferred.