• Standard models are 102" overall width & 144" overall length
  • Street & Curbside Personnel Carriers standard on all models
  • Street & Curbside sign storage compartments standard on all models
  • Heavy-duty structural steel, plate, & tubing
  • FMVSS108 Lighting Kit Reflectors


And Available Options


  • All Heavy-Duty structural steel, plate, & tubing construction
  • 102″ Overall width x 144″ overall length
  • 6″ Perimeter Channel Framework
  • 4″ Structural steel channel crossmembers on 12″ centers
  • 6″ Structural steel longitudinals
  • Oversized Forward Deck Personnel Carriers (One streetside, one curbside)
  • Personnel carrier frames constructed of 6″ steel channels
  • Inward Opening Personnel Carrier doors
  • Fully screened bulkhead with structural steel frame minimizing obstructed views
  • Easy rear access sign compartments with hinged/screened self-locking doors
  • All doors, gates, rack post, and sign compartment framework constructed of 1/8″ wall tubing
  • Removable stake racks surround Personnel Carriers
  • Tongue & Groove treated wood platform deck & Personnel Carrier floors
  • Platform Deck & Personnel Carrier floors painted with anti-skid material
  • Unit primed with epoxy and painted Safety Yellow
  • FMBSS108 Lighting Kit Reflectors


  • Bulkhead mounted reversible Traffic Advisor
  • Rear frame mounted stainless steel light bars
  • Pintle hook mounting plate and pintle hook
  • Warning Light Kits
  • Rumber decking in lieu of wood decking
  • Integral Storage Compartments
  • Special Equipment, Modifications, and accessories available upon request


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