While working for a highway maintenance department in 1976, Glen Warfield applied his mechanical knowledge and abilities toward a solution for an effective and efficient way to disburse material along the shoulder area of a roadside.  Born from that idea was the design for a machine that would attach to a dump truck known today as the Berming Machine.  Glen began the process of manufacturing, assembling, and painting this concept machine; after hours, in his own personal garage.  With the help of his son Jeffery, this and other concept machines would be designed and manufactured to address common road maintenance issues.  The father and son team decided early on that the elements of each machine would be heavy duty, mechanically friendly, reliable, and manufactured from the highest quality components available.

This small part-time operation became known as Concord Road Equipment Mfg., Inc.  By 1984, it had grown to the point of requiring its own facility and the duo moved the operation into a 6,000-square foot building located in Painesville, Ohio.  After the move, the operation expanded to include the up-fitting of both medium and heavy duty trucks primarily for the municipal market.  The regularly produced machinery included: heated asphalt haulers, liquid asphalt kettles, leaf and chip boxes, material spreaders, hydraulic post pullers and much more, each one designed and manufactured with the founding elements for quality and reliability.  The customer base continued to grow requiring the need to move the operation a third time.  In 1994, the company moved into the 26,000-square foot facility at its current location, 348 Chester Street in Painesville, Ohio where it continues to evolve.



Today, Concord is known as an industry leader for providing a comprehensive range of products and services to state and municipal markets both throughout Ohio and in numerous locations across the country, including Hawaii.

Concord’s unique ability to design and manufacture custom components at its own facility paired with our extensive supplier partnerships provide customers nearly unlimited possibilities.  This also enables the company to assist customers in similar industry markets including: Agriculture, Construction, Mining, etc.  In many ways, Concord stands apart from many of its competitors.